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Do you want a change in everyday life?

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Vi hos Try Samuelsen söker ständigt mer kompetenta partners och kollegor. Inte bara här i Norge utan också i den stora världen.

Vad ska jag vara när jag växer upp? Frågan uppstår under tonåren, men för många är det fortfarande ljuger och smoldering för resten av livet.

Har du någonsin funderat på vad du ska göra med resten av ditt liv? Känner du att du vill ha ett tystare och mer harmoniskt vardagsliv med mindre stress och bekymmer för framtiden?

Om du spenderar 1/3 av din tid på jobbet, se till att du trivs! Om inte, kan en förändring vara lösningen, som inspirerar, ger tydliga resultat som du kan påverka och ge dig mer frihet. Vi skulle vilja berätta om en affärsmodell som ger dig möjlighet att ta kontroll över ditt eget liv.

A world full of opportunities

A career in Forever Living Products opens up many different opportunities. Forever is committed to developing into a confident and successful retailer and manager using motivational programs that are open to everyone no matter how long you have worked. You decide for yourself what you want to earn, how you want to develop and what goals you want to achieve. Working with us also provides a lot of social. You get access to exciting events, fun challenges and opportunities to travel around the world. A lot of energy, community and joy, simply. And that globally!

Invest in yourself

Our concept makes it possible to start a successful business, with less financial risk than other projects. Everyone is welcome, and with us we have equal pay for equal work, no matter who does it. See how here!

Support from Forever and experienced tutor

Our solution is simple - the more you make the effort, the greater the financial reward. You receive support, marketing materials and training from Forever, while becoming part of an independent network of retailers. Find out what Forever can offer you and shape your life the way you want it.

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What is network marketing?

Network marketing, or direct marketing through standalone retailers, is predicted to be the way of trading in the future. Since the beginning of 1978, Forever Living Products has developed into one of the most successful dealers in the retail trade, with dealers in over 160 countries worldwide. Forever Living Scandinavia has been around for 20 years and has the AAA credit rating for long-term and stable credit rating. Today, it is Scandinavia's largest direct sales company within health and skin care products based on Aloe vera.

Listen Jan-Fredrik Torgersen, chairman and chairman of the direct sales association in Norway tell more about why 100 million people worldwide choose to work with precisely Network Marketing.

Life the way you want it!

If you want to manage your own time, finances and future, this is the right opportunity for you. Take the opportunity to shape your own life the way you want it by starting your journey with Forever today.

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