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Forever operates in over 160 countries across the globe and is the world's largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe vera. All products are based on stabilized Aloe vera from their own plantations. Because we own the entire production process from plant to finished product, we can control and guarantee that the quality is the best. It is time to take responsibility for their own health and we see that more and more people are interested in healthier alternatives. Today we are Scandinavia's largest direct sales company within health and skin care products based on Aloe vera.

Forever started his journey in 1978 in Arizona, USA. Twenty years later in 1998 Forever came to Scandinavia. For all these years, Forever has delivered quality products based on Aloe Vera worldwide.

Forevers guiding star is, and has been through, the past 40 years, doing the right thing. We want to keep high quality and act ethically in everything we do. We do not test our products on animals, and many of Forevers' products have kosher, halal and Islamic society labeling. We are so confident that everyone will love our products, that we offer our customers a 90-day Satisfied Customer Guarantee.

Try Samuelsen

In 2013, the sole proprietorship Try Samuelsen was established. In 2015, we were introduced to Forever Living. The skepticism and doubt were definitely present when we were introduced to the products. We already had "good" products that we used. But of pure courtesy we thanked yes and got some products for free to test out the Aloe Vera based products.

We were surprisingly satisfied with what we had borrowed and were therefore invited to a Forever information meeting. Here we should look at the opportunity to become a customer of choice or a dealer and have the opportunity to make money from this according to their own activity.

Forever Living is and has always been a safe and solid company that will grow in the future as well. The guarantee that makes customers get the money back within 90 days, if they should not be satisfied, says a lot about the quality. We chose and started out as an independent Forever dealer, and are super happy with the choice we made in 2015.


I am a completely normal A4 person who has grown up in a safe and good environment, both in family, neighborhood and schooling. I started working as soon as I was old enough for it. My first income came through being a newspaper bid. At that time we cycled around with newspapers hanging on the door of the newspaper subscribers. Later, there was also some advertising that grew into several routes in the district as the driver's license and own car came into place.

But the largest part of my work life is in the grocery. As soon as I finished school, I started in the grocery business. Here I worked for 10 years with different areas of responsibility and professional certificates as a result. After that I worked some years in the laundry industry as a driver. In 2018, I was also the driver of the DHL package for door transport, before I am now a driver for Helse Vest, Haugesund Hospital.

What is reflected in my entire working life right from the first newspaper was delivered - is service. I am born as a happy person. Like to be able to offer that little extra, for the recipient to be extra happy. I have always been clear about this and are constantly working to ensure that my customers are 100% satisfied.


I am married to Pitsamai Ruamtham and together we have our lovely daughter Nicoline. Pitsamai was born and raised in Thailand. There she has lived a normal life north of Thailand, where the family has had its main income through farms. Then through vegetable and rice production, as well as rubber tree.

Pitsamai I met in 2012 when I wanted to see some other parts of Thailand just the traditional tourist spots. We got married in 2014 and Pitsamai moved to Norway in 2015. That same year Nicoline was born. Now we live in Tysvær, outside Haugesund in north Rogaland.

We are a happy little family of 3 who look forward to life and have the opportunity to visit Thailand often. Forever Living also has operations in Thailand and 160 other countries. Makes us work globally. Pitsamai can from Norway build up a good business at home in Thailand. This gives her the opportunity to return home more often and visit both her family and her business in Thailand.

What both I and Pitsamai now build up in the form of customers and teams all over the world, gives us in the long term the wealth we want. A wealth that makes us richer in leisure time, richer in being more often with the family both in Norway and Thailand. But also a wealth that eventually makes us richer financially.

We Give You The Opportunity

Are you curious about what Forever Living can do for your everyday life? The technology we have in our hands every day in the form of the Internet, with tools like Facebook, FaceTime, Skype and Instagram allows us to easily work with Forever from anywhere.

We give you answers to the questions you may have. We can conduct a video conversation with you, cafe meeting or that we come home to you.

A job in Forever is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, whether you are a man or a woman. Maybe you are a woman who is out on leave. Maybe you're a man who is hit by cutbacks. Maybe you are the one who just wants and expand the network. No matter what the situation you are in, Forever is always adapted to you and your premises.

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